Wire Harness

World-class share in the wire harness business

Yazaki Group began producing wire harnesses in 1939, and they have now been adopted by all domestic automobile manufacturers, The Yazaki Group's wire harnesses have been integrated in many types of vehicles on the road today. We also supply wire harnesses and related parts to overseas automobile manufacturers, and have offices around the world.

What is a wire harness?

A wire harness (for vehicles) is a bundle of wires that can be compared to a vehicle's nerves and blood vessels.

In yearsautomotive vehicles, many electric and electronic devices have beenare necessary used to realize basic performance, such as driving, turning and stopping, and various functions to ensure safety and convenience. A wire harness is responsible for reliably "connecting" these electrical and electronic devices, providing power, and transmitting signals and information. In addition, electrified vehicles* that use an electrical motor as power source require a high-voltage wire harness to safely and reliably supply high voltage from the battery to the motor and other components.

Yazaki's high-voltage wire harnesses have been used in numerous electrified vehicles and have captured a high share of the market. Another characteristic of the Yazaki Group is that all processes, from the production of raw materials to the design, production, construction methods, and final product manufacturing, are carried out in-house.

*Electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid vehicles (HVs), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV), and fuel cell vehicles (FCV)

From the development of materials to the manufacture of products

Yazaki Group achieves product development according to the characteristics of wire harnesses by conducting all processes in-house, from material development to design, production, construction, and final product manufacturing. We will create new values and products by developing new materials to contribute to a safe and comfortable automotive society of the future.

Cars and Wire Harnesses

Yazaki's Technology Contributing to the Development and Widespread Use of Electric Vehicles

Yazaki Group has more than 10 years of experience in producing of high-voltage power distribution systems, and will contribute to the development and widespread use of electrified vehicles through the development of components and systems that draw on this experience and the development of charging components from external power sources.
The electrified vehicle will have a high-voltage battery in excess of 200 volts to drive the high-power motor, separate from the usual 12 volt battery. In addition, depending on the vehicle type, the voltage is further increased several times and supplied to the drivetrain equipment.