HMI (Human Machine Interface)


Cockpit with Driver Monitor


Integrated Control of HMI

Sight Line Detection by Driver Monitor


1. Information placement that reduces eye movement

2. Mainly the meter, the HUD multimedia driver support display is combined with ambient lighting for cooperative control - HMI integrated control

3. Detects drivers’ sight line and displays the information you need when you need it


Perspective Point Meter


Meter with technology to place the 12.3 inch display at a distance and turn the area obscured by the steering wheel into a virtual image by folding it back with a mirror

Improves meter visibility by minimizing sight line movement through placement on the steering wheel and displaying at a distance by virtual images

Two layers on one display

Floating Display Meter


Meters for floating display by universal display and virtual image technology

Improving visibility of cleanliness by floating expression

Coordinated floating display automatically guides a driver's sight line

Adopting Yazaki's unique virtual image technology to achieve display coordination between real and virtual images

Large Display Meter


Meters that improve the experience and value of the occupants through flexible multi-view display according to the scene and display optimization according to priority

Optimum display according to scene, priority and urgency

Intuitive communication using the entire instrument panel

Digital Meter


Dial easy to see with chic design

Metallic panels and rings for a luxurious feel

Rich display content to support driving

Digital Meter


Stylish full-length luminous pointer

Depth, luxury lighting

Full Graphic Meter


Fusion of a metallic movable ring and graphics

Graphics that vary with driving modes

Metallic ring and integrated dial, seamless construction for luxurious feel

HUD (heads-up display)

HUD (heads-up display)


Vehicle information is projected onto the windshield of a vehicle to reduce the sight line movement of the driver.

Large screen, full color display

In-house production of aspherical mirrors by high-precision aluminum deposition technology

Ultra High Definition HUD (heads-up display)


HUD (heads-up display) for easy display of increase and diversification

Reducing sight line movement while driving contributes to safety and peace of mind. Ultra-high definition HUD (heads-up display) enables high-definition and high-brightness displays by adopting a high-resolution LCD.

Driver Monitoring

Driver Monitoring System


It detects the movement of the driver's face and eyes day and night to determine dangerous conditions and contribute to safe driving.

Detect inattentive driving, sleepiness, postural collapse and behavior

Camera built-in meter that does not compromise design

Can be combined with various systems

Indoor Lighting

Charging Inlet with Lighting


It is a charging inlet of an electric vehicle. It is used for lighting to show the state of a vehicle's charge.

Integration of charging inlet and charging status display

The car's charge status is easily identifiable.

Integrated lighting and control unit

Illumination type E connector


It is multi-illumination that realizes the interior space to your liking. Reduces variations in brightness and emitted color per LED.

Illumination type E connector with integrated lighting and control functions

Built-in communication function (expected to support CXPI and LIN)

Same size as standard LED unit, mount-compatible (single-color LED unit, multi-color LED unit, etc.)


HMI Integrated Control Unit


An integrated control ECU that centrally controls and optimally displays input information.

Miniaturization and weight reduction

Improved assemblability (adopted composite connector)

Expandability (SoC/CPU substrate separate structure/bracket separate structure)

HMI Integrated Control Unit Meter Integrated Type


Consolidate HMI-related devices such as meters, HUDs and center displays for diverse representation

Consolidate to meter (space saving)

Without Hypervisor by devising safety indication of meter

Use cloud navigation to reduce memory