Lining Materials and Exterior Parts

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For many years, Yazaki's connectors have developed and manufactured highly reliable products for the automotive industry, taking into consideration vibration resistance, shock resistance, environmental resistance, etc.

Product Information

Distribution Materials and Exterior Parts

0.13 sq Ultra-Thin Low-Voltage Wire CIVUS

It is an ultra-fine low-voltage wire that is lightweight and easy to mount on vehicles.


Adopts copper alloy to realize high-strength wire

PVC, a currently tunable material, is used as the insulator material.

.ISO6722 compliant

Aluminum Wire

Aluminum wire contributes to vehicle weight reduction.


Weight reduction of about 50% of copper wire

Aluminum Flat Distribution Materials

Flat aluminum lining materials that can be used in tight spaces.


Weight reduction.
38% weight reduction by switching from copper to aluminum used in conventional wires

55% lower profile by switching from conventional round wires to flat lining materials

High heat dissipation.
Flat lining materials have a large conductor surface area and excellent heat dissipation properties

Printed circuit using conductive Nano-ink

Conductive printed circuit board with flexible design.


Conductive printed circuit board capable of handling aspects by printed electronics

Environmentally friendly printed circuit board using in-house developed ink

Reduce product costs by integrating functions and molding at once

High flexible wire

It is a soft wire that can be arranged in a small space.


60% greater bendability by adopting an insulator with excellent flexibility

Has excellent environmental resistance and can be mounted anywhere

Production by conventional methods is possible.