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The Yazaki Group develops and manufactures power management, battery management, junction boxes, ECUs, and sensors as products that reliably and accurately convey in-vehicle power and information to where they are needed.

Product Information

Power Management

Power Switch Built-in Unit

In the event of a power failure or power abnormality, select an important system according to the battery condition and supply power until it stops safely.


Set per critical system with switch control algorithms to help reduce dedicated batteries

Two batteries (Main, 2nd) can power critical systems interpolating

Additional support for critical systems is possible.

Backup Battery Control Unit

Backup of power supply to enable evacuation operation until safety of occupants is ensured in case of sudden power failure for auxiliary equipment when driving

Power supply malfunction detection - Self-contained until backup

Maintain and manage the battery's state of charge by assessing the degree of deterioration

DC/DC Converter High Voltage -12 V

DC/DC converter to convert high voltage of automobile into 12 V voltage for auxiliary equipment


Thin transformer with custom-made core

High efficiency
Up to 96% efficiency with full digital control (among the best in the industry)

JB (junction box)

Junction Box

Power distribution

Centralized connection of wire harnesses

Fuse, relay aggregation

Joint absorption in wire harnesses

Battery Management

Backup Relay


Switching between main and sub-batteries

Vehicle power state detection

Self-protective function

Relay unit error detection

Low power consumption feature

Optimum use of main and sub-batteries to increase regenerative energy efficiency and provide stable power supply

Miniaturization and weight reduction by simplifying the heat dissipation structure


HMI Integrated Control Unit

An integrated control ECU that centrally controls and optimally displays input information.


Miniaturization and weight reduction

Adopted composite connector with improved assemblability

Expandability (SoC/CPU substrate separate structure/bracket separate structure)

HMI Integrated Control Unit Meter Integrated Type

Consolidate HMI-related equipment such as meters, HUDs and sensor displays for diverse representation


Consolidate to meter (space saving)

Without Hypervisor by devising safety indication of meter

Use cloud navigation to reduce memory

Compatible with a wide range of models in the popular price range

Power Window and Door Lock Control ECU


Power window rise/fall control

Storage/rotation control of electric storage mirror

Door unlocking/locking control

Semiconductor Power Integration


Driving the Load (headlights, electromagnetic clutches, etc.)

Wire harness protection

Alternate input

CXPI communications

Weight reduction and standardization

Zone ECU


Alternate input of signals

Power supply (with short protection)

Load output

Communications gateway

Configuration that contributes to miniaturization/standardization/scalability

Flexible to add functions by installing inexpensive module drivers downstream of the zone ECU to enable circuit expansion

Supports joint absorption in wire harnesses


Built-in Element Connector


Rectification on wire harness circuits, CAN termination resistance, current limiting resistance, etc.

Owns various lineups of resistors, diodes, resistors + capacitors, etc.

A simple design in which terminals with electronic components attached directly are molded in one piece with mold resin

Connector structure that can be directly connected to a wire harness

Oil Temperature Sensor


Detects temperatures of the automatic transmission fluid (A/T F)

Downsized and light weighted by using resin molded body

High accuracy and high reliability by adopting glass-enclosed thermistor

Integration with transmission harness allows installation of sensors inside the transmission

Current Sensor Wire Harness-Penetrating Type


Measures the charge-discharge current flowing through the battery

A wire harness is passed through the sensor body through-hole to detect current.

Magnetic flux density detection system by Hall IC

Current detectable range: +/- 100 A
Power supply voltage: 5V

Contactless fuel senders


Detects fuel tank level

Non-contact detection prevents contact failure of the conventional types

Adapts to various fuels such as biofuels

Tank mountability is improved by supporting arm swinging in both directions. Writing characteristics to IC, share the body