Corporate Social Responsibility

Yazaki Group's CSR

The Yazaki Group has established a CSR policy and strives to implement it while steadily implementing CSR activities.
We will continue to take proactive measures with a long-term and broad perspective, and continue to move forward toward the realization of a sustainable society.

CSR policy

"Under the corporate motto of "A company in step with the world" and "A company needed by society," the Yazaki Group leverages its strengths cultivated over 80 years to connect cars, people's lives, and society. We have developed a connected business. Going forward, Yazaki will continue to provide new value to stakeholders and society by responding to key issues in promoting CSR through “connecting” businesses and initiatives centered on its corporate motto. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Our Customer

We provide safe, high-quality products and services in accordance with customer expectations and relevant laws and standards.

From your point of view, we provide you with the information you need about our products in an appropriate manner.

We will protect and actively utilize the results of development through intellectual property rights and respect the legitimate intellectual property rights of others.

We closely manage and protect a wide range of confidential information, including personal information of our customers, that we come to know in the course of our business.

We strive to prevent all foreseeable risks surrounding our business. In the unlikely event of an emergency, we will give top priority to the lives of our employees and local residents and work to ensure that our business can continue.

Local and International Communities

We will respect the culture and laws of each country and comply with all applicable laws and regulations, this policy and other established rules in all our corporate activities.

We will comply with the laws and regulations related to import and export control in the countries and regions where we operate.

We will comply with the laws and regulations related to import and export control in the countries and regions where we operate.

Aiming to create a prosperous society as a member of the local community, we actively engage in dialogue and promote social contribution activities.

Global Environment

In accordance with Yazaki Global Environmental Charter, we will actively promote environmental protection activities in order to pass on a rich global environment to future generations.

Business Partners

We maintain equitable, fair, and transparent relationships with our business partners and conduct honest business transactions.

We will comply with laws and regulations to maintain fair competition in each country and region.

In our procurement activities, we will give consideration to issues stipulated in this policy, such as human rights and the environment.


We build trust with employees through honest dialogue.

We respect the diversity of our employees, provide equal employment opportunities and do not discriminate.

We respect human rights and don’t allow them to be violated. And we don't do forced labor or child labor.

We will comply with all labor laws and regulations, including wages and working hours, and provide fair working conditions for all employees to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

We actively work to develop human resources for our employees and help them improve their abilities and creativity.

The process of value creation

Based on its corporate motto of “A Corporation in Step with the World” and “A Corporation Needed by Society”, Yazaki Group has developed businesses that connect vehicles, connect people's lives, and even connect society by leveraging strengths cultivated over 80 years. We will continue to provide new value to our stakeholders and society and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by responding to priority issues related to CSR drowning through "connecting" businesses and initiatives centered on our corporate mission.

CSR-related guidelines

CSR report 2022

Our group has been continuously publishing “CSR REPORT” since fiscal 2002* to disclose information about our corporate activities and to educate our employees in order to realize a sustainable society. This fiscal year, based on our CSR policy, we report on our group's initiatives and achievements over the past year in line with priority issues of driving CSR, focusing on five key stakeholders: customers, local and international communities, the global environment, business partners, and employees.

The report was published as an environmental report in fiscal 2002 and as a social and environmental report from fiscal 2003 to 2016.

CSR Communication Book

Our group published its CSR Communication Book in November 2020. This booklet complements the annual "CSR Report”, and introduces our group's CSR initiatives, focusing on our group's thoughts and values, and the businesses and initiatives based on those values, which we would like to convey to our stakeholders.