CSR-related policies

Yazaki Group Human Rights Policy

The Yazaki Group wishes consistently to contribute to society through manufacturing that is centered around the Yazaki Group Corporate Policy: "A Corporation in Step with the World" and "A Corporation Needed by Society." In conducting our global business activities, we recognize that all activities by the Yazaki Group must be premised on respect for human rights. We will continue to make every effort to fulfill our responsibility to respect the fundamental human rights that are the birthright of every human being.

1. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Standards Governing Respect for Human Rights

The Yazaki Group seeks to fulfill its responsibility to respect human rights by avoiding infringement on human rights and appropriately addressing any adverse impacts on human rights that may be brought about by our business activities. Toward this end, we uphold and respect international standards for human rights, which include the International Bill of Human Rights (the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) and the International Labour Organization's ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
We comply with the laws and regulations that are applicable in each of the countries and regions in which we conduct business activities. Also, when international standards for human rights and applicable laws and regulations are at variance, we will seek the ways that honour respect for internationally accepted principles regarding human rights.

2. Scope of Applicability

The responsibility to respect human rights is applicable to all corporate directors, executives and employees in the Yazaki Group.
We also request suppliers and other parties that are directly linked to the business and services of the Yazaki Group to assent to this policy and make every effort to respect human rights.

3. Positioning in Regard to Relevant Yazaki Group Policies

This Policy establishes the Yazaki Group's basic principle regarding respect for human rights and is positioned at the top of the hierarchy of individual policies and documents related to respect for human rights (CSR Policy, Yazaki Global Responsible Mineral Policy, Code of Conduct and other relevant policies and guidelines).

4. Implementation of Responsibility to Respect Human Rights

The Yazaki Group declares to fulfill its responsibility to respect human rights through implementation of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Specifically, this comprises the following actions.

Human Rights Due Diligence

The Yazaki Group will build mechanisms for human rights due diligence, and implement continuously. Human rights due diligence includes measures to assess potential and actual adverse impacts on human rights and prevent or lessen risks associated therewith. The Yazaki Group will continuously examine the effectiveness of these measures in order to effectively address impacts and risks associated with human rights.

Reporting and Disclosure

The Yazaki Group will disclose the state of efforts undertaken based on this policy on an ongoing basis.

Remedial Measures

When it becomes clear that the Yazaki Group has caused or contributed to an adverse impact on human rights, we will take appropriate measures to investigate and address the issue and undertake remedial measures to correct the situation.


The Yazaki Group will conduct appropriate educational activities and undertakes development of corporate directors', executives' and employees' abilities in order to ensure that this policy is properly integrated into all of the activities conducted by the Yazaki Group.

Discussions and Consultations

While utilizing the expertise of independent external professionals regarding human rights, the Yazaki Group will hold discussions and consultations with relevant stakeholders concerning measures to address potential and actual impacts on human rights.

October 28, 2020 Yazaki Corporation Board of Directors approval

YAZAKI Global Responsible Mineral Policy

The Yazaki Group considers the impact of all its procurement activities on the local community.

Some of Conflict Minerals sourced from Democratic Republic of Congo, surrounding countries and other conflicted areas whose trade has become a source of funding for armed groups cause serious social problems especially human rights such as child labor abuses and environmental destruction.

We work in partnership with our suppliers and customers to avoid the usage of these materials. Whenever any concerns about the usage of relevant minerals are confirmed in our supply chain, we take measures against the usage.

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Yazaki Corporation announces the release of our "Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement," issued to comply with the requirements of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 as follows.