CSR-related guidelines

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Supplier CSR Guidelines

We, as Yazaki Corporation (Yazaki Group), have been trying to make an effort to contribute to sustainable development of our society through our business as well as to pursue the realization of our Corporate Policy, “A corporation in step with the world”and “A corporation needed by society”, since establishment of our business in 1941.
Under social conditions in rapid changes, we established “Fundamental Management Policy” in 2002 for realization of our Corporate Policy. In 2007, we established "Purchasing Guidelines" to strengthen the supply chain with our customers and suppliers in accordance with our fundamental management policy of "Conduct business openly and fairly, and aim for co-existence and co-prosperity”. Moreover, considering increasing expectation to the corporations for their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives, we issued our “CSR Policy” in 2013 as the guideline for trustbuilding to all stakeholders and bigger contribution to society.
In addition, we received growing expectations to take CSR and ESG (Environment/Social/Governance) initiatives with regard to companies, in particular, preventing issues regarding human rights and labor, and taking corrective actions in the entire supply chain. In order to respect human rights in all activities of the Yazaki Group, we established "Yazaki Group Human Rights Policy" and revised “YAZAKI Global Responsible Mineral Policy” in 2020. The “Supplier CSR Guidelines” have also been partially revised to strengthen human rights related contents.
The Yazaki Group shall have the common understandings with suppliers for CSR through these guidelines and perform proactive CSR activities. Then we hope all of us to grow into the corporations needed by society.
We would like our suppliers to understand these guidelines and to promote their own CSR activities and extend it to their own suppliers as well.

Green Purchasing Guidelines

A Corporation in Step with the World, A Corporation Needed by Society—this corporate policy has been inherited as the Yazaki Group’s mainstay and has supported all business activities since the company was established.
With a consistent attitude and conduct based on the corporate policy, we have fulfilled our corporate responsibility and mission by pursuing high quality manufacturing and building a system for supplying what is needed and when it is needed anywhere in the world by the optimum route for the optimum cost.
We have also developed our unique corporate management and corporate culture under voluntarism, equality, and reconciliation aiming for a global, multi-cultural company that grows with the world.
The corporate policy has been the common principle that connects the existence and value of the Yazaki Group.
For the realization of a sustainable society, the Paris Agreement as a new international framework for addressing global warming came into effect in 2016, which led to stepping up initiatives on global warming around the globe. The Nagoya Protocol on biodiversity entered into effect in 2014. The World Economic Forum (Davos) has identified environmental risks such as water crises (water risk) and loss of biodiversity as key future risks and global concern for environmental issues has been rising.
Based on the Yazaki Global Environment Charter, we have formulated the Yazaki Environment 5-Year Plan to clarify the roles of divisions and departments. Accordingly, we are not only ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations but also carrying out environmental conservation activities, including CO2 emissions reduction and waste reduction, on a global scale. We are also committed to product manufacturing that is environment-friendly at all stages, from product development and design, to production, use, and disposal, and making efforts for the realization of a sustainable society by listening to the voices of people in local communities.
We, the Yazaki Group, recognize that these rapidly changing times provide us and our suppliers with great opportunities to make a big leap forward together. Therefore, we appreciate your cooperation in promoting the activities by involving your suppliers.
We would like to achieve our corporate policy through concerted efforts with all employees and suppliers.

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