High-Voltage Products

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The Yazaki Group has over ten years of experience in producing high-voltage power distribution systems. We will contribute to the development and spread of electrified vehicles through the development of parts and systems that make use of these experiences and the development of parts for charging from external power sources.

Product Information

Battery Pack Related

Battery Bath Bar Module Wire Type

Integrated Control of HMI

Sight Line Detection by Driver Monitor


Information placement that reduces eye movement

Mainly the meter, the HUD multimedia driver support display is combined with ambient lighting for cooperative control - HMI integrated control

Detects drivers’ sight line and displays the information you need when you need it

Integrated battery busbar module with battery monitoring function

Electrical connections between battery cells

Battery cell voltage detection

battery voltage equalization


Small size and low profile by adopting FPC
⇒ Contributes to improving the energy density of battery packs

By integrating the battery monitoring unit and bus module, the high-voltage circuit is completed on the battery module, preventing the high-voltage circuit from being shortened outside the battery module.
⇒ Contribution to improving crash safety

high voltage semiconductor junction box

Supply and distribution of high voltage power

Battery series/parallel switching


1. Reducing charging time by switching battery series/parallel

2. Downsizing by semiconductor relay (50% reduction in volume compared to our company)

charging system

Charging inlet Concept S

Charging inlets for various vehicles


The design department and the function department are separated to realize customization and standardization in a short delivery time.

Charging inlets that meet diversifying standards and customer needs

Illuminated charging inlet

Charging inlet for electric vehicles

Lighting to indicate vehicle charging status


Integrated charging inlet and charging status display

You can see the charging status of your car at a glance

Unit with integrated lighting and control functions

DC/DC converter high voltage - 12V

DC/DC converter that converts the high voltage of automobiles to 12V voltage for auxiliary equipment


Miniaturized, low-profile transformers with custom-formed cores

High efficiency, up to 96% efficiency with full digital control (industry highest level)