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Yazaki Group’s CSR

The Yazaki Group publishes "CSR Report" and "CSR Communication Book" to introduce its CSR basic policy and various activites.


The Yazaki Group has been publishing the CSR Report since fiscal 2002 to disclose information on corporate activities aimed at achieving a sustainable society and to enlighten employees.

In this report, we describe the Yazaki Group’s year-round efforts and achievements in line with our priority issues for promoting CSR while centering on our five stakeholders: customers, local and global communities, the global environment, business partners, and employees based on our CSR policy.

CSR Report

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CSR Communication Book

The Yazaki Group launched the CSR Communication Book to supplement the annual CSR Report by communicating to as many stakeholders as possible the information centered on the Group’s philosophy, values, and related businesses and initiatives as expressed in its CSR initiatives.

CSR Communication Book

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