YAZAKI: Past, present, future. We are connected. YAZAKI: Past, present, future. We are connected.

A rice paddy of Arrow Warm Oita (2015)


Centennial Shochu Project

The Yazaki Centennial “Shochu” Project, a commemoration of Yazaki’s 75th Anniversary
Yazaki employees took on the challenge of growing rice and producing rice shochu in Saiki City, Oita Prefecture.

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What is the Yazaki Centennial “Shochu” Project?

As an activity to commemorate the Yazaki Group’s 75th Anniversary, Yazaki launched the Yazaki Centennial Shochu Project in Saiki City, Oita Prefecture. The project is being done in partnership with Arrow Farm Oita Co., Ltd. and Bungomeijyo Co., Ltd. Over the course of six weekends that ended in March 2016, Yazaki Group employees from around Japan gathered in Saiki to grow rice and then produce rice shochu together with members of the local community. Half of the produced shochu will be matured for 25 years and opened in 2041, when the Yazaki Group will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Project objectives

1) To express in symbolic terms the Yazaki Group’s universal desire to be a partner with local communities

2) To deepen the mutual bonds that exist among enterprises, local residents and government through cooperative activity

Yazaki ties with Saiki City, Oita Prefecture

For more than a quarter-century, the Yazaki Group has been engaged in business operations in Saiki City with the cooperation and understanding of its residents. This relationship dates back to 1989, when the Group established Oita Parts Co., Ltd. in Katata, Saiki, as a production base for automotive electric wires and wire harnesses. After studying businesses that would bring it into closer contact with the community, Oita Parts launched a nursing care business in 2001 and an agricultural business in 2011. Then, in 2013, the agricultural arm of Oita Parts was spun off as an independent company called Arrow Farm Oita. The new company has been growing rice in Saiki and other areas since 2014.

The Yazaki Group in Saiki City, Oita Prefecture, over the years

1989 Oita Parts Co., Ltd. is established

2001 Oita Parts launches a nursing care business

2011 Oita Parts launches an agricultural business

2013 Arrow Farms Oita is established

2014 Arrow Farms Oita begins farming

Bungomeijyo Co., Ltd.

Arrow Farms Oita

Oita Parts Co., Ltd.