YAZAKI: Past, present, future. We are connected. YAZAKI: Past, present, future. We are connected.

Yazaki’s founder explaining a product to executives of an automobile manufacturer at the Oku Factory (1951)

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An introduction to this website commemorating Yazaki’s 75th Anniversary

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Celebrating the Yazaki Group’s 75th Anniversary

The Yazaki Group is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of its founding. Our history stretches back to 1941, when our founder, Sadami Yazaki, established Yazaki Densen Kogyo K.K. Although our business started with the manufacture and sales of wire harnesses for automobiles, it now reaches far beyond car parts and electric wires to include instrumentation devices, gas devices, and air-conditioning and solar-assisted cooling devices. We are also actively expanding undertakings that are closely linked to our local communities. They include our agricultural business, nursing care business, and recycling business. We have grown into a global enterprise with a Group-wide workforce of 280,000 employees and business bases in all parts of the world.

We have prepared this 75th Anniversary Website with two purposes in mind. The first is to express our gratitude to our diverse stakeholders-both inside and outside the Group-who have supported us over the years. And the second is to pass on to the next generation the ideals and skills of our founder and others who led the way, as they are assets cultivated over the course of our long 75-year history and represented by our Corporate Policy and the Yazaki Spirit.

In creating this website, we utilized creative approaches to look back at the past 75 years with chronological tables, valuable photographs and articles from days gone by, and in so doing clearly illustrate the philosophy and ideals of the Yazaki Group. It is also our aim to reinforce the sense of solidarity and teamwork that exists among Yazaki employees. To help us achieve this, we present a report on a project in which employees participated in rice shochu-making with the residents of a local community.

The Yazaki Group Corporate Policy

A Corporation in Step with the World, A Corporation Needed by Society

Realizing the Corporate Policy with the “Yazaki Spirit”

One for All, All for One

The Yazaki Spirit

Realizing our Corporate Policy