Environmental Recycling Business

Yazaki Group's Environmental Recycling

The Yazaki Group's Environmental Recycling Business reduces the amount of plastic used and CO2 emissions. We will continue to evolve to contribute to a recycling-oriented society.

Yazaki Group's environmental business will continue to evolve toward contributing to a recycling-oriented society by reducing plastic use and CO2 emissions.
In keeping with the spirit of founder Sadami Yazaki's words, "What a waste!" and "Recycle bin, not trash bin", Yazaki Group recycles paper and manufactures environmentally friendly paper foam products made mainly from paper. In the future, we aim to efficiently reuse paper and a variety of limited resources and continue our environmental recycling business with the local community.

Aro Eco (recycled buffer)

"A buffer of new ideas"
Aro Eco is a new-age packaging buffer created to protect the environment. This paper buffer is made from recycled scraps from postcards and New Year's cards, mixed with cornstarch and polypropylene as a binder, and steam foamed using proprietary technology. In addition, Aro Eco is not only environmentally friendly, but also has excellent material performance, making it light and easy to process, and ideal for packing materials for transporting goods. It is also suitable for packing perishable goods, and because it is a recycled product, it is a new and innovative buffer that keeps costs low.

Features of Aro Eco


Environmentally Friendly

  • Rohs.ELV controlled substances are not contained.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Combustible garbage can be disposed of at home.


Does not emit harmful substances

Since paper is the main raw material, it can be incinerated at home as combustible waste and does not generate harmful substances when burned.


Low cost

Since it is a recycled product that is made mainly from high-quality used paper and shredded waste, costs are kept low.


Lightweight and excellent workability

With almost the same specific gravity as Styrofoam: 0.03, it is not a burden for material transport.


Highly elastic and resilient

With almost the same specific gravity as Styrofoam: 0.03, it is not a burden for material transport. It has the softness characteristic of paper, is elastic, has a high resilient rate and gently protects goods, making it ideal as a buffer for material transport.


Highly effective at keeping warm, cool and insulated

It has a high foam density, contains a lot of air, and is suitable for packing perishable goods with high heat retention, cold insulation, and thermal insulation effects.


heat resistance

It has the same heat-resistant effect as petroleum-based packaging materials.


Reduces dust

It is resistant to rubbing and scratching, and reduces dust generated when rubbing.

Manufacturing process

Use Case

Agricultural and Marine Products

In addition to its cushioning properties, it is particularly effective at keeping cool and warm, and its moisture absorption keeps freshness.

Industrial Products

Highly elastic and impulse absorbent, it is suitable as a buffer for industrial parts.
It is ideal for transporting parts that are fragile and even CKD parts. It can be used for various machining according to the part shape.

Refrigerant Foods

By processing, we can produce a refrigerated container that fits the size. No.1 cooling effect (various tests)

Fragile Goods

Rich in cushioning, it is ideal for transporting vases, flowerpots, etc., as well as bottles and pottery.

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