Yazaki Corporation

Business Profile

Smooth corporate activities of Yazaki Group

Yazaki Corporation is in charge of all administrative functions, including human resources and finance, and assists the entire Group in smooth corporate activities. It also conducts research and development of advanced technologies and markets and sells products.

Corporate Profile

Company name

Yazaki Corporation


October 8, 1941


Riku Yazaki, President and Representative Director


Head Office
W Building 7F, 1-8-15, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075
1500 Mishuku , Susono City , Shizuoka 410-1194



Group companies

Yazaki Meter Co., Ltd. (established in 1950)
Yazaki Parts Co., Ltd. (established in 1959)
Yazaki Energy System Corporation ※1

Number of Group corporations ※2and3

Domestic: 45
Overseas: 96
A total of 141 corporations

Number of Group employees ※3

Domestic: 17,961
Overseas: 217,593
Total of 235,554 employees

※1 Established as Yazaki electric wire corporation in 1963 and changed its trade name in 2012.

※2 Number of corporations and employees refers to YAZAKI Corporation and its domestic and overseas consolidated subsidiaries, excluding equity method affiliates, non-consolidated subsidiaries, affiliates and related foundations.

※3 The number of employees includes regular employees, junior employees, employees seconded from other companies, temporary employees, and reemployed persons.
Accepted assigned employees include those seconded from outside the Group to the Group, excluding those seconded from our Group to outside the Group.

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