About us

Creating New Value

We conduct R&D on fundamental technologies that will contribute to the well-being of future generations as well as the development of the Yazaki Group.

Our know-how and expertise is aimed at solutions that resolve technological challenges faced by the Yazaki Group.

Organizational chart

Our roles: achieve our research vision

To respond to social change, we will conduct the research & development of fundamental technology based on an R&D strategy for the future of YAZAKI.

Fundamental technologies for:

  1. mobility-related technology
  2. environment & energy-related technology
  3. fundamental reliability technology.

We provide know-how and expertise aimed at solutions that resolve technological challenges and support the Yazaki Group.

"The future lies in our hands."
With this in mind,
we will always continue to challenge
ourselves for the future.

"A corporation in step with the world"
"A corporation needed by society"
Under this Yazaki Group Corporate Policy, we are conducting research and development in a wide range of fields and exploring new areas.
We will pursue what we can contribute to this rapidly changing world by improving our "creativity, technological capabilities, and resourcefulness" in order to realize our dreams and strive for the future with our reliable colleagues.

General Manager,
Yazaki Research and Technology Center
Hideki Watanabe