Research areas

We provide fundamental technologies that serve as the core of our products and support monozukuri.

Transmission technology to enhance the functionality of next-generation in-vehicle communications

We conduct research and development on elemental technologies for higher speed and higher reliability of in-vehicle communications and higher frequency of out-of-vehicle communications, which are expected to be necessary for future mobility.

Optical communications system

Optical digital transmission / Radio over fiber

Wireless communications system

Communications control / Interference suppression / Radio-wave propagation and emulation / Antenna

Next generation wire harnesses

Characterization and analysis of high frequency transmission

Nano-technology and fundamental material technology for next-generation automotive, environmental, and energy technologies

We conduct research and development to build elemental technologies for conductive, insulating, and various functional materials necessary for creating added value and effectively utilizing energy in next-generation wire harnesses.

Surface treatment technology for materials

Synthesis and compositing of nanomaterials / Coating

Surface analysis technology for materials

Analysis of generating mechanism of electrical conductivity / Simulation analysis / Visualization

Creation of environmentally conscious materials

Support for multimaterial / Thermal control materials

Material evaluation and analytical technology for material reliability that support the preservation of functional properties

We are building advanced analysis technologies for the future while strengthening the basic technologies for evaluation and analysis of materials necessary for the Yazaki Group's existing business. We use a variety of analytical instruments and evaluation facilities to add a measurement informatics perspective to meet the growing needs.

Materials analysis

Chemical composition & Structural analysis / Surface & Morphological analysis

Polymer degradation analysis / Metallic material corrosion analysis

Computational materials science

EMC & related systems evaluation technology for transmission system reliability to avoid loss of function

We will establish the EMC & related system evaluation/analysis technology that responds to the increasingly severe electromagnetic wave environment, such as the diversification of radio wave usage environments and the increase in high voltage and current due to the evolution of xEV.

Electromagnetic environment evaluation/analysis technology and measures for future EMC & related systems

Electromagnetic field shielding technology for future EMC & related systems

Analysis/modeling technology for high reliability electromagnetic environmental evaluation

Welding technology for reliability of welded connections that creates continuity of functional properties

With the evolution of xEVs, the demand for materials has changed to high voltage and high current. We support the evolution of the product group by investigating the joining technology from the process analysis.

Research and development of dissimilar metal joining, other joining technologies

Behavior analysis of various parts of dissimilar metal joints by ultrasonic bonding.

Thermography analysis

Visualization of heat distribution, and transition of heat input/radiation in the bonding process.

Observation of the cross section of the welded part

Analysis of the metal composition at the interface.

Advanced technology to explore new areas

In view of the changes in the social environment facing the Yazaki Group, we accelerate the acquisition of advanced technologies through cooperation with universities and research institutions and diversification of cooperation with other companies, and promote research and development that will lead to the development of future technology and business areas.