Our research areas

At the Research and Technology Center, we provide fundamental technologies that are the core of new products and which also support monozukuri manufacturing.

Next-generation high efficiency energy

Applied power electronics technology

Our R&D aims at optimizing electric and electronic systems for high efficiency in-vehicle use.
(We conduct research and development on the technologies that enable optimization of electric and electronic systems in mobility systems, and enables highly efficient energy utilizations)

  • Power supply management and distribution systems with next-generation power devices
  • Battery management

    Battery status prediction and management, thermal management

  • Power supply status measurement

    Current and voltage sensors

  • High electric power transmission systems

    Power supply systems

Next-generation in-vehicle and connected car communication

Transmission technology

We are engaged in R&D for element technologies of inside and outside automobile communication with various media including high speed, high frequency and highly reliability.

  • Optical communication system

    Optical digital transmission / Radio over fiber

  • Wireless communication system

    Communications control / Radio-wave propagation / Interference suppression / Antenna

  • Wiring harnesses

    Evaluation and analysis of high-frequency components characteristics

  • Evaluation of optical interference

  • Validation of in-vehicle wireless communication system

  • Implementation test of antennas

To provide safe and secure improved next-generation vehicles

Edge system technology

  • Edge System : Terminal for advanced information processing linked with cloud computing

We are researching and developing information processing technology to analyze big data and data used for in-vehicle devices and automotive networks.

  • In-vehicle information processing technology

    Network control / Human machine interface (HMI)

  • Software quality improvement technology

    Software verification / Cyber security

Vehicle mock-up for HMI technology verification

In-vehicle network software development tools

For future mobility society

AI solutions technology

Our R&D contributes to future society by utilizing AI, IoT and big data.

  • Big data analysis technology

    AI platform / AI Applications

Next-generation automobile,environment, and energy technologies

Nano-technology and fundamental material technology

To add new value to our products, we aim at developing element technologies for the high-performance conductive materials, insulating materials and energy storage materials required for advanced wire harnesses and more efficient use of energy.

  • Material structure control

    Microstructure control for metal / Nanomaterial composites / Control of higher order structure for polymer materials

  • Creation of functional materials

    Organic materials synthesis / Molecular structure design

  • Ultrafine grain structure in high-strength alloy wire

  • Electron microscope image of nano-carbon material

  • Molecular design simulation for organic materials

Reliable monozukuri manufacturing

Fundamental reliability technology

Material evaluation and analytical technology

We are strengthening our fundamental technologies so that we can evaluate and analyze materials necessary for the Yazaki Group’s operations, developing advanced analytical technologies for future use.
A diverse range of analysis and evaluation equipment with measurement informatics allow us to respond to ever greater demand for more sophisticated solutions.

  • Materials analysis

    Chemical composition & Structural analysis / Surface & Morphological analysis

  • Polymer degradation analysis
    Metallic material corrosion analysis
  • Computational materials science
  • Nondestructive elemental mapping inside of an electronic device

  • Cross-sectional TEM image and elemental mapping in the surface region of silver plating

  • Differential charge density calculation by adatom

EMC & Related Systems evaluation technology

We are dedicated to establishing EMC and related Systems Evaluation Technologies in order to meet complicated and diversified electromagnetic environment (i.e., rapid growth of radio communication systems, and higher voltage and currents due to evolution of xEVs).

  • Enhancing Reliability in Signal / Power Transmission System
  • Development of EMC Evaluation Systems

    Emission, immunity, and shielding

  • Internal information sharing and company training

Equipment for Shield Evaluation
(Triaxial method)

Welding technology

We establish inclusive welding technology including peripheral technology to assure weld quality. We keep up with change of electric components and parts that derive from xEV revolution.

  • R&D of welding of new electronical components

    Welding of dissimilar metals and dissimilar materials / Welding for large-current system / Welding for high speed communication system

  • R&D of quality assurance of weld joints and peripheral technology

    Analysis of weld quality / Statistics analysis / Quality engineering

Dissimilar metals welding of aluminum and copper

Dissimilar metals welding of tin-plated copper-clad steel-wire and copper