Creating new knowledge
with responsive, bold research
and development through
human resources development

The Yazaki Group’s corporate policy is contributing to society through monozukuri manufacturing under its Corporate Policy, "A Corporation in Step with the World" and "A Corporation Needed by Society."
Our product range is diverse including automotive components such as wire harnesses and meters supporting car electronics and integrative in-vehicle systems, and energy and home life environmental equipment such as air-conditioning and solar thermal conversion equipment. We have expanded our area of business to include eco businesses, nursing care and agricultural businesses.
By prioritizing human resources development, our Research and Technology Center creates next-generation core technologies for future business growth and development of new fields. We do this through R&D into leading edge technology, and the areas of fundamental technologies which are the basis of monozukuri manufacturing with material analysis, electromagnetic characteristics evaluation, reliability validation and other initiatives.

Shoichi Uematsu
General Manager,
Yazaki Research and Technology Center