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Socially Responsible Business

Yazaki Group not only takes care of its own established business.
We devote our energy to develop new business opportunities in the fields of environment, recycling,
and nursing care to address the needs of local communities.

Meter Wire Harness General Transportation Products General Transportation Products

Paper Recycle Business

A large number of paper remnants from postcard production are recycled into a shock absorbing material, ARO ECO, by using an original steam-foaming technique.

[ 1 ] ARO ECO shaped to fit parts for transportation
[ 2 ] ARO ECO used as a floor cushion
[ 3 ] ARO ECO used as a package for ice cream

Reusable Toner Cartridge Business

First, the used toner cartridges are collected from customers. Next, they are disassembled and cleaned. Then, the toner cartridges are reassembled, refilled with toner, and finally returned to the customers.

[ 1 ] Toner cartridge

Glass Recycling Business

Waste glass is recycled into a lightweight porous material, Super Sol R.

[ 1 ] Garden gravel for crime prevention
[ 2 ] Hydroculture

Food Business

Yazaki produces and sells Kura No Kaze, a type of Japanese traditional steamed cake, in close cooperation with the local chamber of commerce and industry that strives to reinvigorate the local economy. Kura No Kaze is made from sake lees produced by a local sake brewing company.

[ 1 ] Steamed cake, Kura No Kaze

Food Recycling Business

Yazaki recycles okara (bean curd refuse) derived from local food processors and other food waste into an organic fertilizer, Okara Super Yuki. Yazaki and local farmers collaborate to produce vegetables and rice making full use of the organic fertilizer.

[ 1 ] Tochinohikari rice

Agribusiness (Agricultural Machinery)

Yazaki produces and sells agricultural machinery such as seeders, fertilizer applicators, and mulchers. In addition, Yazaki offers a new form of seed, Tanemaru, which is a seed encapsulated in a natural high polymer gel with high water content.

[ 1 ] Agricultural machinery (seeder)
[ 2 ] Tanemaru Kit, kit to grow plants from seeds

Agribusiness (Farm Crops)

Using its nationwide network, Yazaki Group moves forward with further development of agriculture from as far north as Fukushima and Niigata and as far south as Kumamoto and Oita. Yazaki is willing to take an approach that best fits to meet local needs and successfully delivers locally specialized farm crops.

Examples of farm crops
Fukushima Parts Co., Ltd.: Green pepper
Niigata Parts Co., Ltd.: Touya, a popular potato variety
Kumamoto Parts Co., Ltd.: Baby leaf
Oita Parts Co., Ltd.: Rice as livestock feed

[ 1 ] Farm crops

Nursing Care Business

Yazaki delivers complete welfare service including a day service, home-visit care, and care management at 9 locations nationwide. In addition, Yazaki is involved in group home operation and management; welfare equipment lease and sales; and home renovation.

[ 1 ] Yazaki Care Center, Kami Fusen