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Efforts to improve readability and reduce cost and size
have enabled us to produce devices to meet a variety of needs.

World's leading automotive meter maker

Among the many Yazaki Group products, the one most familiar to drivers everywhere is the automotive meter. Yazaki-made meters can be found in many of the cars on the road in Japan and around the world. They serve as the interface between people and their cars. Their clear, easy to understand displays provide drivers with safety and security, and their stylish design adds pleasure to the driving experience.

Leadingworld's automotive meters

Steering column-interlocked meter

This meter moves up or down with the tilting steering column to ensure clarity and visibility to drivers of all shapes and sizes.

Steering column-interlocked meter

Sporty meter

Sharing the same axis of The speedometer and tachometer indications, the speed and rpms are displayed in same circlresulting in a sporty look with improved visibility.

Sporty Meter

EL panel meter

The world's first organic EL (electroluminescence) display for the information indication section, this bright, high contrast display provides improved visibility with a touch of elegance.

Organic EL panel meter

Liquid crystal panel meter

Centrally located between the speedometer and tachometer, the multi-display provides excellent visibility because the indicator has no center axis.

Liquid crystal panel meter

Instrument & heads-up display

Speed, ECO and other important information is reflected on the windshield. Minimal eye movement means safer driving.

Instrument & heads-up meter display