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CSR policy

The Yazaki Group Corporate Policy of “A Corporation in Step with the World” and “A Corporation Needed by Society” will only be realized by responding to the trust and needs of our global society. In implementing our Fundamental Management Policy, we will listen to the voices of our stakeholders and reflect them in our business activities. Our goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of the earth and society, and we will encourage our business partners to support this policy and work together with us toward its achievement.

Customers - We will develop and provide safe and high quality products and services that meet the
  expectations of our customers, and comply with relevant laws and standards.
- We will provide necessary product information properly from the perspective of
- We will protect our intellectual property rights. At the same time, we will respect the
  legitimate intellectual property rights of others.
- We will carefully manage and protect confidential information of our business partners
  that we may have acquired through business activities.
- We will take preventive measures against all foreseeable risks surrounding
  our business and conduct risk management so that in the event of an emergency,
  we will be able to protect the safety of our employees and local residents as well as
  maintain business continuity.
Local and Global Communities - We will respect the culture and laws of each country and territory, and in conducting all
  corporate activities comply at all times with relevant laws as well as internal regulations,
  including this policy.
- We will comply with laws and regulations regarding import and export control of the
  country or region where we operate.
- We will prohibit the offering of bribes to public officials and politicians and maintain
  a sound and transparent relationship with government agencies.
- As good corporate citizens, we will endeavor to create an affluent society by promoting
  social contribution activities and proactive dialogue.
Global Environment - Based on the Yazaki Global Environment Charter, we will actively promote
  environmental conservation activities to ensure that a rich global environment is
  passed on to the next generation.
Business Partners - We will maintain a fair, just, and transparent relationship with our business partners
  and conduct transactions with integrity.
- We will comply with the laws and regulations of each country, region or territory
  in order to maintain fair competition.
- In procurement activities, we will expect business partners to act in accord with
  this policy.
Employees - We will build working relations of mutual trust through an open and sincere dialogue
  with our employees.
- We will respect the diversity of our employees, provide equal employment opportunities,
  and not conduct discriminatory practices.
- We will respect human rights and not tolerate human rights violations. We will not
  practice forced or child labor.
- We will comply with laws and regulations related to labor, including wages
  and working hours, and at the same time, we will provide fair working conditions to
  all of our employees and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.
- We will actively pursue human resource development and improving the capacity
  and creativity of our employees.