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President's Greeting

Realizing our corporate policy to be: "A Corporation in Step with the World" and "A Corporation Needed by Society"

Since its establishment in 1941, Yazaki Group has been committed to conducting its business with the hope of contributing to society through manufacturing under its Corporate Policy, "A Corporation in Step with the World" and "A Corporation Needed by Society."

We believe that our customers and business partners continue to deal with us even during the current harsh business environment not only because of our performance, but also because our philosophy and attitude are valued. As a responsible manufacturer, we will continue to make ongoing efforts to live up to the expectations of our stakeholders.

As well as automotive components chiefly for wire harness, Yazaki Group is involved in the production of a variety of items including air-conditioning equipment, solar thermal conversion equipment, gas equipment, and household electric wiring units.

A common feature of our products is their efficient use of limited global resources. At this time of growing international awareness of the need for environmental conservation, now more than ever, we are dedicated to living in harmony with the global environment, and conducting business based upon the ideals embodied in our corporate policy.

Shinji Yazaki President,Yazaki Corporation